Fastlane Featured Partner: The Gardner Effect

Every month we like to feature a company we love to work with that exemplifies a commitment to customers and excellence in the event industry. This month It's our pleasure to spotlight one of our more recent partners, The Gardner Effect. The Gardner Effect (TGE) is a premier Denver event planning company that produces a variety of events in Colorado.

TGE was launched in 2012 by founder Adrienne Gardner who got her start in planning events fresh out of college in 2005 when she was given the challenge as an intern of planning a gala for a large non-profit organization in Florida. After the thrill of planning a large-scale, fast-paced event, she was hooked. Since that time she cultivated a passion for planning events for her clients that achieved a high level of style and execution. In 2012 this passion brought her to Denver to start a company that brought together the best of event design and customer service for clients who wanted a uniquely Denver aesthetic! TGE coordinates with between ten and twenty of the best vendors for any given event including, decor, catering, beverage, photography, and video as well as the production services of Fastlane. They orchestrate about one hundred events each year ranging from weddings to non-profit galas to corporate parties and social events.

The team at TGE love to work with clients who know what they want and aren't afraid to ask for it and still have trust in the planning team to do what they do best. In this digital age when every client has access to an infinite amount of ideas and inspirations about for their events, trust is paramount. It can sometimes be a challenge to bridge the gap between expectations and budgets. Being able to navigate the balance between imagination and reality in a positive and honest way is where TGE shines. 

What makes TGE such a great partner is that they align with the Fastlane values of being attentive, innovative and solutions-oriented when they are working on an event. They take time to ask the deep-dive questions of how much lead-time is needed for tasks, How does a concept need to be adjusted to fit the time or location limitations, What is a realistic budget for production services? 

Probably chief among TGE's great qualities is their understanding that they don't have to be the expert on every facet of the event, they just need to surround themselves with the best people who can help them get to achieve the best results for their client. They lead with trust in their vendors and trust in their clients and in turn, their clients and vendors trust them to deliver a well-directed event.

If you're thinking about planning an event this year (or in 2019!) and you need an event planner that you can trust to deliver with incredible style as well as a clear process of every step of your event, Visit the Gardner Effect at The TGE team can plan events from one-month in advance to a year! 

Don't forget, the best events come from the best partnerships! Learn more about how you can partner with Fastlane, Colorado's best single-source production partner, for your next event! Visit us at or call 303-778-0045

Paul Romig-leavitt