Doug's Story


The story of Fastlane begins with it's founder Doug Lane.

At nineteen year old Doug got an idea to start his own DJ company. Doug had relocated from Southern California to Denver to study Commericial Arts at the Colorado Institute of Art. By registering the name “Fastlane Productions” that January, he started on a journey that led him to today. With a passion for customer service Doug was always searching for new ways to help his clients make the best events possible. Quickly his young company extended far beyond being a DJ and grew to become a trusted producer for events in Colorado.

Over 30 years later, Fastlane is growing faster than ever. With a history of over 20,000 events and numerous local and national awards Fastlane's reach has extended past Colorado and the rest of the country to include international events as well!

Even though, Doug's company has reached a level of influence beyond his expectations, he and his team still provide the same one-on-one personal service to which he has always been committed.