+ Do I have to use hotel AV?

No, but be sure to thoroughly read the contract they provide to ensure they will not charge you for bringing in an outside vendor.

+ Can I plan my entire event through Fastlane?

With over 30 years of experience in the event industry we have built very strong relationships with our vendor partners and we will help facilitate all facets of your event.

+ What should I expect the cost to be?

The sky’s the limit!! We always recommend having a budget in mind when calling so we can build your event to stay within that amount.

+ How far in advance should I book my audio/lighting/video company?

Booking 12-16 weeks out from your event is best, but you should always take into consideration the size and date/season of your event.

+ Does Fastlane provide services if my event is in another state?

Yes! We regularly travel out of state for events and have occassionally traveled internationally.