We live in a visual world so the right video and media support is critical. You can trust Fastlane to make sure your message is crystal clear.


Video mapping

Now you can transform your space with video! This jaw-dropping video application allows you to create an immersive experience for your guests!


Top of the Line Seamless Switching


When your event requires multiple video sources (video playback, powerpoint decks, sound effects, confidence monitors) Fastlane has the solutions in place to make your show seamlessly come together. Through its fleet of Analog Way High-Definition Seamless Switchers, Fastlane has a variety of solutions that can scale from the simplest show, to the most complex. 


Industry Leading Projectors

Your message needs to be heard and seen. When a picture is worth a thousand words, you need the highest-quality imagery that you can find. From IMAG to Powerpoint, Fastlane can produce the images your event needs.


See more options for screens

Fastlane has custom screen possibilities to fit any size event!


High Performance HD cameras

There's never been a more versatile high quality professional camera than JVC's GY-HM890U.  A camera you can count on even in the most difficult shooting conditions. Three new CMOS sensors ensure that picture quality is second to none whether you are producing HD, SD or for the web--or all of the above! 


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