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SuperScreen™ is the super-size,
super-fun outdoor inflatable movie screen.

If you are looking for a professional movie theater experience,
with a portable screen, SuperScreen is the answer.

SuperScreen Info


SuperScreen is durable and is quick to setup. SuperScreen is versatile, easy-to-use and flexible to meet your needs.

SuperScreen™ Pro, Junior, Mini, LT, and e-series, enable you to show the movie of your choice anywhere without the use of scaffolding or any other hard construction!

SuperScreen Features

Easy to Transport – All SuperScreen commercial models are packaged in a molded plastic container ready for shipping or storage.

Easy to Set Up – SuperScreen Pro and Jr. set up in as little as 60 minutes. The Mini and LT require 15 minutes to set up completely. It is as simple as 1, 2, 3.

Show Any Movie Format – All SuperScreen models are 16:9 HD widescreen format. SuperScreen utilizes a specially designed projection screen that provides bright, high-resolution viewing.

Recognize Sponsors with Banners – The SuperScreen Pro frame has over 250 square feet (170 square feet on Jr. and 24 square feet with Mini) of promotional banner space. All you need is some velcro!

SuperScreen is Turnkey – You don’t have to worry about a thing! Optional packages include a super-bright and powerful projectors and a booming theater-quality sound system with speakers, sub-woofer, wireless microphone and audio mixer.


LT backyard parties
    • 10′ x 11′ Overall Size
    • 5′ x 9′ Screen Size
    • 15′ x 15′ Setup Area
    • Backyard Parties
    • Pool Side Events
    • 1 Person Setup
    • 45 lbs total weight


MINI neighborhood parties
    • 13′ x 16′ Overall Size
    • 7′ x 12′ Screen Size
    • 20′ x 20′ Setup Area
    • Park and Neighborhood Events
    • Large Pool Side Events
    • 2 Person Setup
    • 51 lbs total weight


JUNIOR park events
    • 17′ x 25′ Overall Size
    • 10′ x 18′ Screen Size
    • 25′ x 35′ Setup Area
    • Large Neighborhood Events
    • Parks and Festivals
    • 1 Professional Setup
    • 125 lbs total weight


PRO large events
    • 24′ x 36′ Overall Size
    • 15′ x 26′ Screen Size
    • 35′ x 40′ Setup Area
    • Large Corporate Events
    • Large Festivals
    • Professional Setup
    • 180 lbs total weight


Our account representatives are ready to help you find the right SuperScreen package for your organization. Available with or without audio and video projection equipment. SuperScreen can be the perfect fit for you, your clients, your audience.

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SuperScreen LT and Mini are available as a cash-and-carry product here in Denver, CO. Perfect for making your backyard party the talk of the neighborhood. Available with or without audio and video equipment. Packages start at just $399.

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Fastlane Productions can provide a complete custom turnkey SuperScreen event experience. With top of the line equipment and technicians your SuperScreen event will look and sound spectacular without you having to lift a finger!

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Got Questions? We’ve Got Answers!

What Makes SuperScreen the Best?

SuperScreen is better because it was designed to give you a better outdoor movie experience. Designed by people in the A/V business, SuperScreen is easy to for you to use; has a specially designed high-resolution, bright viewing screens; and is specially constructed using heavy-duty coated UV-resistant polyester thread, reinforced with nylon webbing. Four sizes make it the right tool for any event! And for us safety comes first, as we are the only fire proof inflatable screens.

Can I Put SuperScreen on Any Surface?

We have specially designed SuperScreen™ with a super strong Cordura™ material base. All models include a tarp for staging the unit that will also help protect the base. See for more information about the super strong Cordura™ material. SuperScreen is the only inflatable screen product that has a reinforced, non vinyl base.

Can You Tell Me More About the Screen Material?

There are two different screens available. For the Pro and Junior, the screen is made of a small hole mesh material with an epoxy coating. It has a high gain reflectance and comes with a certificate. The material we choose comes in 120″ widths. The holes in the mesh allow the screen to breath in the wind. Because of its enormous size, SuperScreen Pro™ has one horizontal seam in the center. When the movie is playing, the seam is hardly noticeable. The Jr. screen has a seamless screen.

The Mini screen is also seamless. It has a solid screen material which zippers in. Because of it’s small size, a mesh material was not needed.

We are now in design of an additional optional “Seamless” screen for SuperScreen Pro™. Details when available will be posted on this site.

What kind of site should I pick?

The SuperScreen must be placed on a level surface. The area must be free of any obstructions like trees and fences, rocks boulders and fire hydrants.

Your location should be large enough to accommodate the audience you expect, but at minimum sohuld be at least 75′ deep by 50′ wide. (50′ deep and 35′ wide for SuperScreen Jr. and a simple 20′ x 30′ for SuperScreen Mini.) Our new mini is designed for almost any space. It’s small size makes it a breeze to set up and move, and makes it perfect for pools, parks and your own backyard!

Help me understand how the SuperScreen operates in windy conditions?

The SuperScreen™ Pro, Junior and Mini are designed to operate outside. Sometimes it’s windy. SuperScreen is designed to operate safely in winds up to 12 mph. but keep in mind that your audience will be uncomfortable when dust and debris start blowing. Dust and debris usually start to blow at about 10 mph or more.

It’s best to set up SuperScreen™ so that the screen is parallel to the direction of the prevailing wind. Secure with the tie down provided and you are ready. SuperScreen™ is designed to move with the wind and is therefore safer than using scaffolding, genie lifts, truss or solid frame structures.

Do not be fooled, everything moves in the wind and all equipment should be operated safely.

Why are there two formats of screen sizes?

SuperScreen is designed by events professional with sizes for every need. All of the screens are widescreen movie 16:9 or HDTV format, but you can also play the older 4:3 format, television or PowerPoint slides.

SuperScreen Jr.™ screens measure 10′ x 18′ for 16:9 HDTV format. LT measures 5′ x 9′ in 16:9 ratio. Mini measures 7′ x 12′ in 16:9 ratio.

It is critical to purchase 16/9 format screens as 99% of all movies are made in the new widescreen format. When purchasing other 4/3 ratio screens, you will loose 35% of your image top and bottom or need to digitally enlarge your picture.

What kind of video projection will I need and where will I need to put it?

For the Pro model screen we suggest 6000 – 12000K lumen projectors and for Junior, you will need a video projector of at least 4000 lumens. Projectors with any less light output will not provide your audience with the proper movie experience. Remember, brighter is better. A long lens is preferred because it helps eliminate “keystone” of the image and put the projection area further away from the screen. If, because of site considerations you have to use a short lens, most video projectors have keystone-correcting electronics.

Mini requires an 1800 lumen or more projector. This can be a small desktop size projector to keep the cost down. This size projector can be rented from any local A/V shop for less than $150.00 per day.

The video projector must project onto the screen from the front side of the screen called “front projection”. Location will be determined by a simple formula that takes into consideration the video projector, the video projector’s lens focal length, and the screen width. It is be advisable to raise the projector above the height of your audience to avoid audience member silhouettes showing on the screen. Please make sure you create a secure space in the viewing area for the staging of the projection equipment.

How many people does it take to set up the SuperScreen?

With the Pro and Junior models, it’s important to have at least one experienced A/V staging or rigging representative and 2-3 assistants or volunteers. With this team, plan on taking 45-60 minutes to get the SuperScreen™ completely set up. The audio and video equipment will also take another 45 minutes to set up.

Mini is built to be fast and easy, and can be set up by one volunteer who reads our easy directions in less than 15 minutes.

What should my show day schedule look like?

We suggest you do your site visits and be prepared to know exactly the location of SuperScreen before the show. Remember you will need to have access to power and to a space without obstructions, power lines, site line disruptions and other hazards.

2-3 hours before – Double check site for trash/hazards and begin set-up; Check weather conditions via local news. Prepare food and beverage service, sponsor signage, consumer promotions and your WOW!

1 hour before – set-up complete, test video and audio systems; begin pre-event audio

30 minutes before – continue background music or possible video trailers/cartoons/advertisements/computer graphics; stage pre-event entertainment

10 minutes before – run a special designed movie trailer or PowerPoint show to welcome guests with announcements; recognize sponsors; stage door prize drawings or giveaways


How do I arrange for the movie?

Movies must come from a licensing entity. Showing a movie that was rented at your local movie rental shop is a copyright violation and can result in substantial penalties for the operator.

Rental movies that come from a license entity are fully licensed and edited for public showing. Most license organizations supply “trailers” and cartoons for extra fun! Fees vary on application and movie and generally start around $125.

When doing private backyard parties with a small group of people, you can play your studio released movies for “NON PUBLIC” viewing. It is the same as playing a movie on your indoor big screen TV. Charging or using the movie for financial gain or publicity without permission is illegal.

Can SuperScreen utilize a rear projection screen?

No, at this time SuperScreen does not have rear projection capabilities. This is due to our design with a rear inflatable support that runs from top to bottom. We do not recommend rear projection for outdoor movies screens due to following issues:

  • Available distances behind the inflatable
  • Ambient light levels in the rear of the screen (Street lights and car headlights) reflecting during the movie
  • Rear screen material is not perforated. A solid screen material will not breathe therefore causing wind resistance.

What is the difference between SuperScreen and other similar products? Why is SuperScreen the best product available?

SuperScreen is the best choice for all of your event needs!

SuperScreen and its three sizes were developed by events and AV staging professionals who use the product and continue to improve it every day!! The frame material is 7.5 oz UV protected PVC that is considerably stronger than other poly or vinyl materials. The base of each SuperScreen is made with super strong 1000 denier Cordura material that wraps 12″ up the side and all seams are double stitched.

Branding potential: We are designed for your sponsors! SuperScreen Professional has 250sq ft. of sponsorship banner space and Junior has 170 sq ft of sponsorship banner space, all with Velcro built right in. SuperScreen offers the only 2-year warranty on the inflatable. The Blower’s motor has a working duty cycle of 2000 days, 24 hours a day and a one year warranty. SuperScreen is made in America and its modular zipper design allows different pieces to be returned for speedy repairs.

How is SuperScreen marketed?

SuperScreen runs aggressive national marketing and provides support for our owners and dealers. No other brand matches this level of marketing within industry sources and customized marketing support for our owners.

  • Each SuperScreen purchase includes our extensive FREE “How To” create movie events kit
  • Buyers have access to marketing materials for movie series and SuperScreen rentals including artwork and a gallery of photos from successful events
  • In 2003, Special Event Magazine chose SuperScreen as a Gala Award Finalist in the category of Best New, Innovative Event Product/Technology
How will SuperScreen support its Re-Renters and Resellers?

In addition spreading the brand name through national marketing, SuperScreen will refer interested customers to resellers in their region for rentals and purchases. We have reseller materials ready to brand with local information. Our useable marketing materials include data sheets, postcards, ad slicks and detailed price sheets. Our reseller network is listed on where customers can find direct links to SuperScreen in their region.

How long does it take to have one made?

We carry a limited number of Pro, Junior, Mini and LT SuperScreens in stock. We can also create custom colors and special orders. Please call us TODAY to place your order.

Can replacement screens be sent out if a repair is needed?

If you have an event during the period when your screen is being repaired, we will send out a replacement screen for your use. Some fees may apply.

What if I have specific technical questions?

The team at SuperScreen is ready to help you be successful at your specific event! As for projection distances, this varies with the lens of your projector. We are available 24 hours a day to assist you in any technical questions.

We are happy to do our best to help you with your technical issues when you call.

How does the billboard attach to the frame?

A billboard that has grommets attaches to the SuperScreen structure via zip ties. It is an easy process and with planning for the grommets to match the SuperScreen structure, the process should only take only moments. Please direct the sign shop making the banner to use perforated mesh material or make large wind slits in the material. Wind must be able to pass through the material. A grommet diagram is available for the sign shop via email. We can also provide banner production services or vendor referrals upon request.

Can you tell me more about creating a billboard to use with SuperScreen Professional and Junior?

SuperScreen Professional and Junior were designed to give you added value as a billboard during the day. We can assist in the preparation and execution of a four color output or you can contact your local sign shop or large output graphics company for assistance. A typical 15′ x 26′, four color output fee is $2300.00 and up for our large screen and the Jr. size 10′ x 18′ is $1400.00 and up. These prices include grommets around all four sides.

We suggest you make the main banner or billboard generic to the event or client and change the outside banners for each occasion.

What is the super strong Cordura material and why do you use it?

We have chosen the super strong Cordura material to be the strongest fabric for the base of the SuperScreen units.

  • Cordura®, a high-performance fabric resistant to abrasions, tears, scuffs and punctures
  • Cordura® stands for durability
  • Cordura® is:
    • 2 x more durable than standard nylon
    • 3 x more durable than polyester
    • 10 x more durable than cotton duck

What are the banner specifications?

Banner size – top and bottom 2.7′ x 26′ 1.765′ x 10.8625′
Banner size – sides 2.7′ x 15′ 1.765′ x 10.8625′

SuperScreen Mini is not designed as a daytime billboard.

Can we see SuperScreen before we buy it?

We currently have a demo small SuperScreen that we can ship to your location. The screen is not made of actual screen material, but you will get a great idea of the product.

Our SuperScreen demo unit can be set up with a desktop projector to get an idea of how it works. We currently have events in Colorado and other screen resellers have events throughout the country.

Feel free to come out to Denver and we’ll set a Jr. screen up inside our warehouse for your review, we’ll show you a nice time and we’ll even provide the popcorn!




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