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4MM LED Video Panels.

Stunning Video Quality

Fastlane Productions / Gear / 4MM LED Video Panels

High-Resolution, Scaleable, Flexible Video Curtain

Our LED video panels can provide the high-class video solution to elevate your event to the next level.

Stunning, Bright, Video Displays

Your content needs to shine! No matter what the venue, what the ambient lighting is like – your video content needs to punch through and communicate. Our 4MM LED Video Panels are a perfect solution. In any lighting scenario, with high-resolution these panels can produce a stunning, high-quality video image that quickly becomes the star of your event.



Galaxias series flexible LED display are one of the highest resolution screens available. They‘ve fundamentally changed the stereotype image of LED displays and have set a milestone in the utilization and technological progress of flexible LED displays. The density has been improved to 4mm, so a display can produce even better resolution quality. They also can be conveniently folded and shaped into variety of large displays, which better accommodates the customers’ various design ideas. The displays work at a refreshing frequency of more than 10000Hz, which is the reason of excellent picture quality and stable performance required in many professional utilizations. The image is amazing, bright and clear. The LED wall works in available light situations such as tents, airplane hangars and trade shows because ambient light does not effect it.

Set up is fast and electrical consumption is very low.

Examples of Screen Sizes

LED Wall includes basic ground support or flying apparatus, simple switch/scaling unit and computer. Setup labor and additional switching is also available.

Single 8’x14′ Screen
Dual 8’x14′ Screens
Single 12’x20′ Screen
(4) 4’x8′ Vertical Strips
(4) 4’x12′ Vertical Strips
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  • p6-04

  • screen2

  • DSCF7369

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