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Great Gear, Great Events.

Best Gear, Best Events.

Fastlane works hard to provide the best equipment possible to make your event a success. With an extremely flexible inventory we can design a custom event that fits your needs and achieves your event goals.

We believe that the best gear produces the best events. From audio quality and clarity, to consistent video production and perfect event lighting – we have the equipment to execute your event.

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D&B Audiotechnik is an industry leader in high-quality, multi-purpose array speakers. This system’s unsurpassed flexibility, quality and clarity will help make your message loud and clear.


With the ability to be mounted up to 10 per side in an array or point-source on a speaker stand – the T10 is a versatile and flexible solution for any size event.

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1000 Crystal Clear Watts

With the K10s, Fastlane brings to you an industry-leading, low-profile, energy efficient box that brings powerful enough to overcome most noise floors and provide intelligible audio in every situation, every venue.


It is not always enough for technical gear to sound good, it also needs to look great. The K10’s have a sleek, low-profile look to keep your event looking professional.

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Powerful Backbone

Allen & Health is the most trusted name in professional audio. With clear, powerful pre-amps, versatile and scaleable output banks and iPad control these consoles are the backbone necessary for your event.



When your event requires multiple video sources (video playback, powerpoint decks, sound effects, confidence monitors) Fastlane has the solutions in place to make your show seamlessly come together. Through its fleet of Analog Way High-Definition Seamless Switchers, Fastlane has a variety of solutions that can scale from the simplest show, to the most complex. → Talk to an Account Rep today →


Beautiful Images

Your message needs to be heard and seen. When a picture is worth a thousand words, you need the highest-quality imagery that you can find. From IMAG to Powerpoint, Fastlane can produce the images your event needs.


Powerful, HD LED Panels

Able to go from 4′ strips flanking your stage to a full-resolution 12’x20′ screen, these panels offer you the flexibility to make your event truly one-of-a-kind.




Powerful, Moving Lights

Our inventory of powerful intelligent lighting fixtures allow us to design colorful, powerful lighting designs for your next event. From social events and awards show to fashion shows and concerts to corporate events who need a little more “pop” – we can help you achieve the “wow” factor you’re looking for.

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Versatile and Powerful

Fastlane can provide you with a powerful and flexible lighting package that will truly transform your event space into something special. LED Lighting is a completely customizable solution – pick a color palette and Fastlane can paint your space with light.

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When creating a magical space, the last thing that you need is to have black power cables running everywhere. These lights offer you a completely wireless experience.


Bistro Lighting
Beautiful, soft, ambient lighting is critical for any outdoor event. Bistro Lighting or Market Lighting is a quick, cost-efficient way of transforming a basic space into something perfect for eating, drinking and dancing. → Talk to an Account Rep today →

Beautiful, soft, ambient lighting is critical for any outdoor event. Airstar Balloons are the highest-quality solution available to provide over 1,000 square feet of dimmable, soft light. These balloons are perfect for creating the special event atmosphere for your event.

Everything Else

Cost-Efficient, Custom Stage Looks

Fastlane Productions now has available a large inventory of Atomic Design’s Atlas panels to create a stunning custom look for your next event. These panels are a cost-effective, easy-to-customize way to make your event stand out. Fastlane will pair these panels with powerful LED lighting to create impactful and colorful effects for your event. Our account staff can help you envision your next event – contact us today.


Powerful Generators

Fastlane owns a fleet of portable generators to power up your event. Trailer-mounted, film-quiet these generators are the solution that your event needs.

Safe Power Distribution

Fastlane has the experience and equipment to safely power your entire event site. Through its relationships with the City of Denver, Fastlane works hard to stay up to code and keep you and your guests completely safe while providing the electrical solutions that your event requires.



For your next outdoor movie party, SuperScreen has the perfect package for you. With our skilled technicians, we will provide you with a stress-free movie experience. From a backyard 5’x7′ to a full festival screen over 20′ wide, Fastlane has the solutions for you.
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